Would you like your own catalog, field guide as a mobile app?

Is there a topic in which you are in?
Would you compile a dictionary?
Share your knowledge with others?
And if you could earn money with?

Készíts egy "akármi határozót"!

It is now possible to make this plan true!

The framework behind Fungitron – the mushroom field guide is capable of publishing catalogs, field guides, encyclopedias, dictionaries, which are then available, publishable and marketable as mobile apps.

The solution is simple:

You bring your idea and the raw material from the field which interest you.

We provide the frame and our practive, to form your knowledge into a mobile app. We can prepare plant guide, bolts’ catalog, astronaut encyclopedia, possibilities are almost endless…

We may apply custom designs as possible.

And finally we publish it,  and share the income as we agreed on. (If you are a company, we can publish your product catalog free for the users upon previous agreement.)

It is essential:

That the topic should be dividable to items (these are mushroom species in Funginator), and these items should have descriptional information and parameters, categorization (these are identification parameters in Fungitron).

Beyond description, item could have several pictures, images illustrations.

Gyógynövény határozó

Based on Fungitron we also prepared herbal drug guide and motorcycle catalogue, so we know what we are speaking about.



We expect that the “raw material” (texts, pictures, etc.) are from own or other, legally usable source, as we would not like to visit court, and we also reserve the right to turn down any idea.

Different foreign languages are handled without problem.

In case of further questions, please contact us here or on our address: info[@]fungitron.com!

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