Automated grow box for medicinal mushrooms – ganoGrow

After long preparation the automated medicinal mushroom growbox, ganoGrow  prototype is operational.

GanoGrow mushroom grow box

The original aim was to provide fully automated, optimal environment for growing medicinal use Ganoderma lucidum (reishi, lingzhi) mushrooms at home. To achieve this, I developed a microcontroller controlled box, which keeps temperature and humidity levels between preset values and without human intervention (thus errorfree).

Similar (but simple, without electronics) agaricus boxes are available in groceries which only need some water and will keep growing in the corner of the kitchen. But Ganoderma likes higher temperature and humidity and this setup gives flexibility to grow several different mushroom species.

The first step is to put a mushroom grow bag or some mushroom spawn inoculated substrate into the box. Then select the preset program, appropriate for the selected species and the current life phase. And that’s it!

The LED display informs the user constantly about the internal temperature and humidity. If it is too cold, it heats. If it is too dry, it humidifies. If CO2 is too high, it ventillates fresh air in. And these are done endlessly, day and night to provide perfect conditions for the fungi.

Currently I am running the first tests to see if there is anything to improve, check back for the growing new Ganoderma colony.

GanoGrow mushroom grow box Ganoderma lucidum

GanoGrow is able to host a wide variety of different mushrooms which need higher than room temperature and humidity. It could grow lion’s mane, shiitake, oyster mushroom, etc. (Except for when the mushroom needs colder and/or dryier conditions than it is in your room.)

Paralelly I am improving the design, maybe once it will be a marketable product for other mushoom fanatists. If you are interested in the further progress of the medicinal growbox, ganoGrow, just follow us on Facebook. If you have any questions or would you like to build on your own, ask freely.

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