Mushroom app review: Mushrooms guide (NatureSoft) on Android

This app is a bit tricky as out of its Play store description, I did not expect that I get a Guia de Setas icon into my app drawer, most probably Google translated it for me.

Mushrooms guide Fungitron

And not only the icon is spanish, but the whole app. Otherwise it is a quite simple application: the Lista Setas (mushroom list) contains 125 mushroom species, which are searchable upon their spanish names. The list is color-coded: red is poisonous, yellow is inedible and green is edible mushroom.

Mushrooms guide Fungitron

The details of a mushroom contains a colourful illustration (drawing) of the mushroom, followed by some spanish descriptions, which I were unable to understand (due to the lack of my spanish knowledge). (The example below is Boletus satanas.)

Mushrooms guide Fungitron

The Galeria contains all the mushroom illustrations to enable to freely browse them. Unfortunately the name of the mushroom is written weird. (The example is Russula paludosa.)

Mushrooms guide Fungitron

That’s all, folks. 1,31 USD. From an economic point of view, in Fungitron you get more species, detailed (english) descriptions, hq photos, tons of identification criteria for a bit higher price.


  • it speaks spanish


  • it speaks spanish
  • search only by spanish names, no identification
  • only 1 illustration / mushroom
  • no photos, only graphic illustration
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