Subscribe extended Fungitron database with more mushrooms

Finally the long awaited moment has arrived:

  • If you would like to use Fungitron with more mushrooms,
  • if you want to use cap colour, gill colour, spore print colour as identification option,
  • if you would like to make it free of ad banners,
  • or you just want to support the good cause:

we have the solution!

Purchase a Fungitron subscription!

From today it is possible to buy a 1-year Fungitron subscription for 3 USD per device.

The subscription entitles you:

  • access to the extended Fungitron database with more mushroom species (168 at the moment), and use it forever*
  • access to latest updates for the duration of the subscription,
  • use cap colour, gill colour, spore print colour identification criteria forever*
  • use Fungitron without ad banners forever*

*: forever means really forever, but if you reinstall Fungitron for any reason, you should restore the data from backup, because we only serve database for subscribers with valid (at the moment not expired) subscription.

To subscribe, get the latest Fungitron version, go into the menu and press Buy. The purchase takes place via PayPal.

After subscription, do not forget to download your well deserved, new database under About -> Check for update or automatically at next restart.

In case of any questions, please contact us here or at info[at]

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