Mushroom app review: iMushroom Guide on Android

The download of iMushroom Guide lasts for several minutes, because the app contains the data itself: it is a 40MB app, containing 140+ mushroom species. It would be bearable, but then you might notice that iMushroom Guide can’t be moved to the SD card and sometimes this 40MB counts much…

imushroom guide 1 fungitron

“iMushroom Guide is an original guide to mushrooms as species, their collection, recognition. This app is mushroom guide divided into categories (edible, poisonous, exotic, medicinal). It is optimized for an easy and quick use and has been developed in cooperation with members of the Mycological Society.”

At the first launch a nice and fancy GUI is loaded, which offers several options, but it is six of one, half-dozen of the other:

  • top 10 edible
  • top 10 poisonous,
  • medicinal mushrooms and
  • exotic mushrooms

are all  simple subsets of the All mushrooms tab. Which is also not complicated at all: it is a simple list of mushrooms in the order of scientific family names, you can click and read the details, but that is all.

And actually it makes the amateurs’ task difficult, because it is not enough to know the mushroom’s exact name (like Death Cap), but you can find it easily only if you know that it should be categorized under Amanitaceae. So it could be good for a Mycological Society folk, but notfor someone without the knowledge of mushroom families. And generally I use a mushroom guide when I DO NOT know its name.

No searching, no identification, even the alphabetical index on the right hand side is out of order (it seems to be directly inherited from iPhone without any use).

imushroom guide 2 fungitron

Actually the descriptions seem to be detailed, but there is only one photo for each mushroom, no more. The photo can not be zoomed in, so if you have small screen, you almost get a thumbnail.

iMushroom Guide on Android (and presumably on iPhone/iOS) also contains some very brief first aid suggestions in case of mushroom poisoning but I am not sure if it is efficient to give laxatives and charcoal pills one after the other as suggested.

Find iMushroom Guide on AppStoreHQ.
Android apps at AppStoreHQ

  • colorful design
  • nice, detailed descriptions
  • 0.99 USD for 140 mushrooms


  • iMushroom Guide has 40MB memory consumption without App2SD possibility (Fungitron needs 100+ MB, but only 2 MB is allocated from memory, the rest is on SD)
  • no searching, no identification, just a “list of mushrooms” (Fungitron is very good at searching and identification)
  • not alphabetical order, but categorized by families
  • only one photo per mushroom (Fungitron has more photos which are detailed and zoomable)
  • no zoom for closing up on details
  • inherited iOS GUI, not optimized for Android: inoperable index, no menu (Fungitron is completely Android optimized)
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