Did you know? Foreign, former and synonym mushroom names in Fungitron

The universal name of mushrooms is their scientific, latin name.  These are displayed in the mushroom list, can be searched and read on the data sheet of a fungi.

Additionally there are common names usually in each different languages. But these names are not fixed and unified. Even scientific names change, some books use once-official names, some use the newest. The common names are also different, even in english, there is usually a US and a UK name for the same mushroom. And obviously all is used here or there.

Fungitron mushroom names

So our idea was to include everything in Fungitron (and make it the definitive mushroom guide), or at least try to achieve it. We use the current scientific name and an english common name as a baseline and these are displayed in the mushroom list and data sheet.

At the top of each data sheet, next to the  scientific name, there is an  icon, tapping this pops up a tiny window. This contains all names known to us: current scientific name and auctor, former scientific name, synonyms and common names in french, german and italian.

Fungitron mushroom names

List of scientific names in Fungitron
List of english common names in Fungitron
List of german common names in Fungitron 

Further names are to arrive, if you know any common name which is not included, please let us know. Contact us here below, or via e-mail on info[AT]fungitron.com.

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