Mushroom app: Mushroom Garden – mushroom cultivation on Android

On smartphones, it is not only the Fungitron – the definitive mushroom guide which can come in handy, there are several other apps which are useful in some situation. So in this section I try to recommend some nice, smart apps which are somehow related to mushrooms, fungi, toadstools. They will not neccessarily be field guides, but will be somehow related to the topic.

Mushroom garden mushroom cultivation app Fungitron

Mushroom Garden is such an entertaining, mushroom cultivation, gaming app (which could be less ¬†entertaining for a non-mushroomer). “Holy moly, there’s a fungus among us!” -they say.

The objective of the game is continously caring for and tuning our mushroom farm with certain extras, which will result in growing exotic fungi. These fungi are then harvested and converted into points (exotic species into more points), and points can be used for purchasing new equipments.

Mushroom garden mushroom cultivation app Fungitron

There are several fertilizers to choose from, the difference is how long they are active. It also means that we have to check several times our garden in this period, to avoid missing harvest-time, or we will only found some completely dried mushrooms. (Which could happen in real when there is no rain for a time.)

If we do not visit our mushroom farm regularly, even the log (a.k.a. substrate) could start to grow mold and ill fungi.

Mushroom garden mushroom cultivation app Fungitron

The aim is to collect every species(?) into the library at least once.

Summary: Very nice idea for a game, several cute fungi, but can be repetitive over time. It is for free.

Find Mushroom Garden on AppStoreHQ.

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