English common mushroom names in Fungitron

These english common names are included in Fungitron (either the free, either in the subscrption Fungitron – the definitive mushroom guide version):

Fungitron US-UK Flag

Beautiful Clavaria
Beef-Steak Fungus
Birch Bolete
Bitter Beech Bolete
Bitter Poisonpie
Blackening Brittlegill
Blue and Yellow Russula
Brick-Red Agaric
Brown False Morel
Brown-Yellow Boletus
Buckler Agaric
Butter Bolete
Changeable Agaric
Chicken of the Woods
Clouded Agaric
Collared Earthstar
Common Earth-ball
Common Elfin Saddle
Common Field Mushroom
Common Ink Cap
Common Pluteus
Common Stump Brittlestem
Common White Helvella
Conifer Tuft
Deadly Dapperling
Deadly Fibercap
Deadly Galerina
Death Cap
Death Cap “white form”
Dog Stinkhorn
Dryad’s Saddle
Early Morel
Early Morel
Earthstar Fungus
Emetic Russula
Fairy Ring Champignon
False Blusher
False Death Cap
False Morel
Fetid Russula
Fleecy Milk-cap
Fly Agaric
Fool’s Funnel
Fool’s Webcap
Fragrant Agaric
Frosty Funnel
Funnel Agaric
Giant Puff-ball
Glistening Ink Cap
Goat-Moth Hygrophorus
Golden Chanterelle
Granulated Boletus
Gray Knight
Greasy Green Brittlegill
Great Wood Mushroom
Greenish Russula
Hedgehog Fungus
Honey-Coloured Agaric
Hornlike Craterellus
Horse Mushroom
Involute Paxillus
Jew’s Ear
King Bolete
Large Gray Agaric
Leaden Entoloma
Lilac Bonnet
Lurid Bolete
Magpie Fungus
Meadow Wax Cap
Milk-white Brittlegill
Mosaic Puffball
Oak Milk-cap
Orange-Brown Lactarius
Oyster Mushroom
Pale Brittlestem
Parasol Mushroom
Pavement Mushroom
Pepper Cap
Poplar Knight
Queen Bolete
Red-capped Scaber Stalk
Ringless Honey Fungus
Rooting Bolete
Rooting Shank
Rosso Coral
Royal Agaric
Ruby Elf Cup
Saffron Milk Cap
Sand Stinkhorn
Satanic Boletus
Scaly Earthball
Scarlet Elf Cup
Semifree Morel
Shaggy Ink Cap
Sheathed Agaric
Spindle-Stem Agaric
Spring Agaric
Spring Amanita
St. George’s Mushroom
Stubble Rosegill
Summer Bolete
Summer Truffle
Tiger Sawgill
Torn Fibrecap
Tufted Yellow Agaric
Velvet-Stemmed Agaric
Verdigris Roundhead
Viscid Gomphidius
Warted Puff-Ball
Wood Agaric
Wood Blewit
Wood Pinkgill
Woolly Milk-cap
Yellow Stainer
Yellow-Cracked Boletus
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